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Funnies - An accumulation of Bible and Church related funnies that have been collected over the years. Just for your fun and enjoyment.

The Handbook of Personal Evangelism by Dr. A. Ray Stanford, the man who first explained the good news of salvation in a manner simple enough for me to understand it. He is the greatest soulwinner that I know of and has faithfully discipled me and many others to more mature Christian growth  MS Word download  Adobe PDF download   (P.S. For those of you who have known and loved Ray as we have for so many years, here is an old photo that you might like to see. He is at the right rear.)

Spanish version. We scanned this from hard copy and it still contains some typographical errors. If you know someone who is capable to assist us in correcting these errors, please contact us at   Download MS Word - 980KB  or Adobe PDF - 980KB     

Chinese version - This is in Adobe PDF format. The individual chapters average several hundred kilobytes.  Complete book in one file (7 MB). See also Chinese “Am I Going to Heaven” tract  translated from the English translation Can be printed 2-up on both sides of 8 ½ x 11 paper and cut in two. I have used these along with leaving a good tip at Chinese restaurants.

Arabic version -  MS doc, 650 kb. This is condensed from the English version and has been greatly used in Muslim Egypt and other places throughout the world. There are two Bible colleges there presently using this book for a study text.

Lordship Salvation - A Biblical Evaluation and Response” by Dr. Charlie Bing. This is the best in-depth Bible study that I have seen on the subject. This book can be read at the above site but we recommend purchasing it to give to interested people. The hard copy also contains a scripture index which is very helpful for reference. (external site)

“Harmony With God:  A Fresh Look at Repentance” by Zane Hodges. This  book may be controversial even among some free-grace proponents, but my studies in recent years led me close to where this book stands. My subsequent reading of the book then began to “connect the dots.” I recommend this book because I believe it to be accurate and important.  It can be read online at: Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3. I highly recommend that the book be purchased and distributed to others as we have done. The hard-copy includes a very helpful Scripture index.

“The Jim Tingen Story” - a compelling and challenging  true story of a young man I knew in Miami when I was about the same age. This was told to a large group of teenagers at a Bible conference in Hollywood Beach in the early 1970’s by Dr. A. Ray Stanford, a great friend and the greatest soulwinner that I know. This message is for young and old and should help us to balance the priorities in our lives. (To download file: right-click mouse and “save as”) This is one and a half hours long (21 MB). It’s worth it. Please download it to your computer and listen to it more than once. PDF Transcript

Audio of Gospel presentation in a High School Assembly in 1969. Dr. A. Ray Stanford and the Gospel quartet, “The Spokesmen” from Florida Bible College gave relevant Gospel presentations to around a hundred high schools. Many hundreds indicated that they had believed in Jesus through these efforts. The quality of the recording is poor but we include these for those who would like to see how God can use a faithful servant of God, speaking the truth in love and who tunes in to where the young people are. “The Spokesmen” music (7mb)- -Dr. Stanford, message (13mb) (Note: There was a pro-communist teacher in this school who influenced those whose activity surfaced during this assembly. The teacher’s employment was terminated shortly after this assembly.)

Audio of a televised debate between Dr. A. Ray Stanford and Madalyn Murray O'Hair.* Part 1 (12 MB),  Part 2 (7 MB). After this debate she told Dr. Stanford, “I have debated many pastors, but you are the first one who acted as though you really didn’t want me to go to Hell.” This debate occurred and was televised in Tampa, FL in 1972. (To download: right-click mouse and “save as”)

Click here for photo, and here for Dr. Stanford’s website.

* Madalyn Murray O'Hair (1919-1995) – Was a well-known and controversial activist for atheism. She was best known for the lawsuit “Murray v. Curlett” which led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling ending the practice of daily prayer in American public schools. She founded the “American Atheists;” an organization dedicated to defending the civil liberties of atheists and advocating for the complete separation of church and state.

“The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife” - A 19th century classic by Alexander Hislop - 260 pages - Many admit that a number of the extra-biblical customs of Protestantism were adopted originally from the Roman Church. This book presents a credible case that most of these customs, traditions, and doctrines previously evolved from Nimrod at Babylon. I have an old copy of this book and do not know where it may still be in print. An Internet search shows that there are many copies still available.  Click here to see the table of contents,  here to download the entire book in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. (About 3 mb).

Old Testament Book Commentaries by Dr. Mark G. Cambron

There are presently ten available.


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