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Recommended grace-related web sites:

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For a clear gospel message. Also has an excellent downloadable book, "
The Handbook of Personal Evangelism." Can e-mail to have Bible questions answered and request a hard copy of book and copies of the best salvation tract that I have ever seen (similar to the quiz on the web site).

Grace Evangelical Society (
Please see the
Grace in Focus for short Bible studies and the Journal of the Grace Evangelical  Society for more in-depth Bible studies.

short Bible studies and the best book that I have seen concerning a Biblical view of Lordship Salvation. The book is readable on-line but we recommend purchasing it to give to interested people as we have done. The hard copy also contains a scripture index which is very helpful for reference.

EvanTell – Evangelism Resources to Declare The Gospel … Clear and Simple
Numerous Good articles and books for sharing the good news of salvation and for Christian Growth.
Excellent articles and booklets (e.g. "
Seven Reasons Not To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart." and others See especially the Grace Family Journal articles for many varied Bible topics from a grace perspective.

This site is from a man who has earned my respect for many years. He excels at presenting the gospel of eternal life in a bold and clear manner. He also is among the few whom I see as consistently honest with and obedient to God’s word. There are several dozen of his short and insightful articles available for download. Several excellent books are also available to purchase.

Excellent grace-related Bible studies by topic, by verse, or MP3 by verse. By Jeremy Myers, a man who is knowledgeable and takes a strong stand on the truth of God’s word.

Bibleline Ministries

Dr. Hank Lindstrom - Numerous short Bible studies on various topics. Hank is now with Jesus and was a long time friend and faithful teacher and witness for the Lord.

Dr. Gene Yancey is presently teaching a series primarily on the Epistle to the Romans. He is consistently clear on salvation by grace through faith and his downloadable MP3 messages are quite informative.


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