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Links to Bible Studies About The Feasts of Israel

The studies listed below complement and add to the others but we recommend listening to the first series first as it seems to give an excellent, brief, and informative overview of the subject. There are several doctrinal peripherals mentioned by that speaker about which we would differ, but we still recommend them as excellent studies on the subject. Please listen to at least the first one and we believe that you will want to listen to more. We have been blessed and challenged by them and wish to share this with others.

These studies are by Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries

Audio  Video - Spring Feasts

Audio  Video - Feast of Trumpets

Audio  Video - Day of Atonements

Audio  Video - Feast of Sukkot

There are many other excellent Bible studies available on this website showing Yeshua Ha Meshiach (Jesus the Christ) all throughout our Old Testament. Jesus spoke of the many prophetical references to Himself in the Old Testament.

After listening to any of the above messages about the Feasts of Israel, you might well agree with us about the importance of comparing our civil calendar to the Hebrew calendar which is used in the Bible. Our Lord has set some divine appointments in time which we would do well not to miss. We see that much of Scripture is more readily understood if we see it from the Biblical and Hebraic culture in which it first existed. Many significant events in Jewish and Biblical history are not to be seen with any pattern, consistency, or meaning until we look at the corresponding dates on the Hebrew calendar.

Download Free Hebrew/Civil calendar program (Both Mac & Windows)

Pastor J. B. Bond -  for a wealth of excellent topical and expositional Bible studies. We recommend them highly.

The Feasts of Israel - 13 messages; an earlier study.

The Feasts of Israel - 27 messages; a later study.

To download MP3 file, open to play, right click and “Save as.”

Feasts of Israel Links

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