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Romans 10:9, 10

These verses are frequently used to try to establish the doctrine of “Lordship” salvation; not only that we must believe in Jesus but that we must make Jesus the Lord or Master of our lives in order to be eternally saved, and that we must also make some sort of public confession, usually by walking down a church aisle.   

“Has This Passage Ever Bothered You? (Romans 10:9-10)”  by Bob Wilkin. A short study on the subject.

“Our Living Lord” Chapter 15 of “Absolutely Free!” by Zane C. Hodges. A moderate length study on Romans 10:9-13. MS Word DOC  PDF File

“Why Confess Christ? The Use and Abuse of Romans 10:9-10” John F. Hart. Even though this is a long article, it is very helpful in that it not only covers Romans 10:9 and 10, but it effectively explains and refutes common erroneous interpretations. It also presents a unique, but I believe to be accurate, synopsis of the whole epistle up until chapter 10. Some very important issues are covered which are essential for a correct understanding of the whole epistle.

Related to this passage; please also see  “Lordship Salvation.”

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Romans 10:9, 10