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The Handbook of Personal Evangelism by Dr. A. Ray Stanford; a clear, simple, and practical handbook on personal evangelism. This book has helped me and many others over the years to become more effective in presenting the good news of salvation to others.  MS Word   Adobe PDF download   Also in Spanish, Chinese , and Arabic version

Lordship Salvation - A Biblical Evaluation and Response” by Dr. Charlie Bing. This is the best in-depth Bible study that I have seen on the subject. This book can be read or downloaded at the above site but we recommend purchasing it to give to interested people. The hard copy also contains a scripture index which is very helpful for reference. (external site).

“Harmony With God:  A Fresh Look at Repentance” by Zane Hodges. This  book may be controversial even among some free-grace proponents, but my studies in recent years have led me close to where this book stands. My subsequent reading of the book then began to “connect the dots” even more. I recommend this book because I believe it to be accurate and important.  It can be read online at: Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3. I highly recommend that the book be purchased and distributed to others as we have done. The hard-copy includes a very helpful Scripture index.

The following 3 books by the same author were a blessing to me when I first read them many years ago:

Why We Believe in Creation and not in Evolution” - This is the most informative, interesting, and “fun to read” book that I have seen that refutes the unbiblical and unscientific  theory of evolution. MS Word Doc 1.2 MB    Adobe PDF2.5MB

“The Messiah in both Testaments” - An excellent study of the prophecies of Jesus and their fulfillment. MS Word DOC 400 KB  Adobe PDF 400 KB

“57 Reasons that we know the Bible is the Word of God” - A few of the reasons given may seem to be archaic or not real sound, but there are plenty given that are quite solid. We have reason to differ with the author’s stance of adopting the “Gap Theory” for the creation of the earth mentioned in reason 26. MS Word Doc 160 KB

Old Testament Book Commentaries by Dr. Mark G. Cambron  There are presently  ten available.

“The Two Babylons or the Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife” - A 19th century classic by Alexander Hislop - 260 pages - Many admit that a number of the extra-biblical customs of Protestantism were adopted originally from the Roman Church. This book presents a credible case that many of these customs, traditions, and doctrines previously evolved from Nimrod at Babylon. I have an old copy of this book and do not know where it may still be in print. An Internet search shows that there are many copies still available.  Click here to see the table of contents,  here to download the entire book in MS Word or Adobe PDF format. (About 3 mb).

“Fox’s Book of Martyrs” (1.5MB) by John Fox - A book that is not fun to read but its message is important to know. It documents the persecution of many believers in Jesus from the first century into the nineteenth. This travesty was accomplished primarily by a religion which claimed to be of Christ. This shows the faithfulness of many believers and much of the depravity of  human-inspired religion and man not under the control of the Holy Spirit.

From what we see in the newspaper and especially in the Bible, it seems likely that we could see similar persecution from another powerful religion in the near future.

”He That Is Spiritual” by Lewis Sperry Chafer. MS Word Doc, Adobe PDF This is the best in-depth study that I know of concerning living the the grace-related Spirit-controlled Christian life. It is a classic and is used as at text book in Bible colleges.

Divorce and Remarriage, Recovering the Biblical View” by William Luck - 1st edition MS Word Doc, Adobe PDF. (Copyrighted but used by permission of the author). 2nd Revised edition HTML and Index , MS Word Doc  or from the author’s website df  for the complete PDF file. There are also other excellent studies available on his site. This revision contains about 50% more material that the first.

Also available 3.7MB PowerPoint file which contains summary and detail charts of key points in the book along with added material. This is one of the two best, honest, and in-depth studies that I seen on the subject. The other is “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible,” a much smaller book, by Jay Adams, (purchase at Zondervan, or local Bible book stores). Both of these books about divorce and remarriage are controversial but the statements made in them should not be discarded unless a better scriptural argument is shown.

We have seen too many examples of the Christian army shooting its own wounded troops in an unbiblical manner. For a studies which propose that a divorced man could still possibly become a church elder see “Choosing a Pastor” and “Divorce, Remarriage and Church Leadership.”

To the best or our knowledge, the books on this page are either in the public domain or the copyrights have expired or are otherwise legal to copy. If you find out differently, please contact us.

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