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“Repentance” Word Study

By Bill Fallon  -

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There has been much confusion and damage caused among both believers and the unsaved by the misunderstanding of, and the misuse of the words “repent/repentance.” It is an important doctrine that should be applied in a Biblical manner.



“Repentance” in the Old Testament:

Summary of OT usage of “Repent”

“Repentance” in the New Testament:

Summary of NT usage of “Repent”

Some Practical Considerations:

Conclusion and Summary:

Appendix A - Text of All Occurrences of “Repent,” /“Repentance,” in the OT

Appendix B - Text of All Occurrences of “Repent,” /“Repentance,”  in the NT

Appendix C - Repentance in 2 Cor. 7:8-11

Please note: Appendices A and B are a boring read. They are intended for research and documentation. Appendix C is beneficial to read.


Repentance Word Study

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