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Luke 13:3, 5

How often have we heard the plea from well-meaning pastors and evangelists, “...except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish”? Does this mean that we must turn from our sin in order to be eternally saved? That is what is usually meant by the speaker, but that is not what God’s word says or means.

A Study of “Perish” in Luke 13:3, 5 - Does “likewise perish” mean that a person would be eternally lost if they did not repent? This passage does not teach that.  MS Word Doc  Adobe PDF

A related study is Repentance” Word Study.”

Unless You Repent You Will Perish: Repentance in Luke 13:1- 5 - a short study by Zane Hodges . Part 6 of a 7 part series on Repentance. Please see all 7 parts:

 Part 1: Arguments from Silence, And All of That: Repentance Reconsidered

 Part 2: To Repent or Not to Repent: John's Doctrine of Repentance

 Part 3: The Ninety-nine Righteous Sheep- Repentance in Luke 15:1-10

 Part 4: Lost Son, Not Lost Sonship, Repentance in Luke 15:11-24

 Part 5: The Self-Righteous Older Brother: Repentance in Luke 15:25-32

 Part 6: Unless You Repent You Will Perish: Repentance in Luke 13:1-5

 Part 7: Repentance and the Day of the Lord- 2 Peter 3:9

Luke 13:3

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