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Personal Testimony

As  a young person I attended church regularly and did a lot of nice religious things. Though I could repeat John 3:16 from memory as a child, I did not know what it meant. I always knew that Jesus was necessary for eternal salvation but I did not know that He was sufficient for my salvation.

I had heard so many sermons exhorting me that in order for me to get to Heaven that I needed to be good, turn from sin, make Jesus Lord of my life, commit my life to Him, etc. that I finally was about to give up trying.

As a young teenager I then attended a home Bible study where I heard from God’s word that He loved me the way I was, not only after I cleaned up my life. (Rom. 4:5).

I was later shown 1st John 5:13:

These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life...”

I then realized that I had been trusting partially in my own effort to be saved. I could know that I had eternal life because I only had to believe in what Jesus had already done for me. It did not depend upon me trying to do something.

I did believe in Jesus and have never doubted my salvation. I then began a life-long path of growing in the Lord. I wish I could say that I have been faithful in all of this, but I can say that God has been faithful.

As I studied and applied more of His word in my life, I discovered more joy and purpose. As I disobeyed Him, I knew that He would never lose any of His children, but I did incur some of His loving discipline. (Heb. 12;6)

If you do not know for certain that you have eternal life, I urge you to just take God at His word; believe in Jesus and receive eternal life.  (Acts 16:31)

Bill Fallon

Personal Testimony

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