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Bible Studies “by Verse”

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“Tough” Texts - Covers Bible passages which some use to try to establish a faith-plus-works salvation message.

Grace Evangelical Society “Grace In Focus” newsletter Bible studies

Excellent short studies. including many on “tough texts.”

“Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society” Bible studies - The best that I have seen for in-depth free-grace oriented studies, listed mostly by topics but some by Bible passages

Stillwater Bible Church - Pastor J. B. Bond. This site contains a wealth of downloadable MP3 messages. These consist of both expositional Bible book studies and topical studies. These Bible studies have become an important part of our personal spiritual nourishment and growth.

We listen to these Bible studies daily on our MP3 players and have distributed hundreds of them on CDs to to others.

Contains expositional Bible book studies by a man who has taught and lived the free-grace gospel for many years. He served as pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, of Grace Community Church in Starkville and Pine Bluff Baptist Church in Pine Bluff, MS. In July or 2012 he was called home to his Savior Whom  he faithfully served for so many years. The Emmanuel Baptist Church  web site also is a good source for Bible Study articles  and for MP3 studies and study guides on Galatians. - This web site contains a vast selection of Bible studies on a wide variety of topics and covering all the books of the Bible. There are also downloadable audio messages, access to Bible study tools, sale of good Bible computer software, and much more. Most of the Bible studies that I have seen are excellent and can be recommended. Discernment is recommended due the fact that occasionally I have seen a few  studies that have a tendency toward Lordship salvation or perseverance of the saints. (By this we do not mean preservation of the saints or eternal security which we believe is Biblical, but we are referring to the widespread belief that a person who believes in Jesus will necessarily  persevere in some sort of pattern of good works or faithfulness. God is faithful; sometimes man is not).

Excellent grace-related Bible studies by topic, by verse, or MP3 by verse. By Jeremy Myers, a man who is knowledgeable and takes a strong stand on the truth of God’s word.

Old Testament Book Commentaries by Dr. Mark G. Cambron

By Verse

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