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Contents “The Two Babylons”

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Chapter I  Distinctive Character of the Two Systems

Chapter II  Objects of Worship

Section I  Trinity in Unity

Section II  The Mother and Child, and the Original of the Child

Sub-Section I  The Child in Assyria

Sub-Section II  The Child In Egypt

Sub-Section III  The Child in Greece

Sub-Section IV  The Death of the Child

Sub-Section V  The Deification of the Child

Section III  The Mother of the Child

Chapter III  Festivals  

Section I. Christmas and Lady-day

Section II  Easter

Section III  The Nativity of St. John

Section IV  The Feast of the Assumption

Chapter IV  Doctrine and Discipline

Section I  Baptismal Regeneration

Section II  Justification by Works

Section III  The Sacrifice of the Mass

Section IV  Extreme Unction

Section V  Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead

Chapter V  Rites and Ceremonies  

Section I  Idol Processions

Section II  Relic Worship

Section III  The Clothing and Crowning of Images

Section IV  The Rosary and the Worship of the Sacred Heart

Section V  Lamps and Wax-Candles

Section VI  The Sign of the Cross

Chapter VI  Religious Orders

Section I  The Sovereign Pontiff

Section II  Priests, Monks, and Nuns

Chapter VII  The Two Developments Historically and Prophetically Considered

Section I  The Great Red Dragon

Section II  The Beast from the Sea

Section III  The Beast from the Earth

Section IV  The Image of the Beast

Section V  The Name of the Beast, the Number of His Name--  The Invisible Head of the Papacy


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