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Recommended Books

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“The Reign of the Servant Kings” - A Study of Eternal Security and the Final Significance of Man” by Joseph C. Dillow - This outstanding presentation and defense of the Free Grace position covers nearly every passage and subject in the Gospel debate. It is a valuable resource for the pastor, elder, deacon, Sunday School teacher, or anyone with an interest in Gospel issues. Almost 800 pages. It contains a very helpful Scripture index. I have read this book several times and it has been one of the most significant motivators for me to be faithful to our Lord that I have encountered for many years.

Sample chapters may be read from the link at the bottom of the above page and the book can be purchased there also.

Lordship Salvation - A Biblical Evaluation and Response” by Dr. Charlie Bing. This is the best in-depth Bible study that I have seen on the subject. View the Table of Contents. IT also contains a scripture index which is very helpful for reference. 205 pages

Balancing the Christian Life” by Charles C. Ryrie. This book is well-titled. It discusses such matters as true spirituality, using your gifts, confession and forgiveness, the process of sanctification and how to know if you are filled with the Holy Spirit. This book has been a practical help to many. 192 pages

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