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Revelation 3:20

Much confusion and anguish has been caused by the use of the phrase, “ask Jesus into your heart,” commonly used in Gospel invitations. The Bible never says that. In fact, it says something quite different.

“Don't Ask!” by Bob Wilkin. A short testimonial article with scriptural backing about the author’s unproductive experience using this phrase.

“Revelation 3:20: A Call to Fellowship” By Bob Wilkin. A short article on Revelation 3:20 and its purpose.

“Revelation 3:20 and the Offer of Salvation” by Daniel B. Wallace, Th.M, Ph.D. A short study on the subject.

“Seven Reasons Not To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart”  An excellent PDF booklet by Pastor Dennis Rokser of Duluth Bible Church that effectively covers the subject. Other great Bible Study materials are available from the same web site such as the Grace Family Journal.

Revelation 3:20

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