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A Godly View Of Sin

By Bill Fallon  -

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I. The Holy God And Sin

He Is Righteous And Has Provided The Sin-Bearer For The World            ( I John 2:2)

A. The Meaning of the Word “Sin”

B. Bible Definitions of Sin

C. The Universality of Sin

D. The History and Development of Sin

E. The Result of Sin

II. The Unbeliever And Sin

He Is Lost But Invited To Believe in Jesus for the Payment For His Sin (John 1:14)

A. Condemned without Christ

B. Redeemed by Christ

1. Not Saved By Turning From Sin

2. Not Saved By Doing Good Works

III. The Believer and Sin

He Is Eternally Saved And Told To Put Away Sin In His Life (I Cor. 15:34)

A. Sin will not result in loss of salvation

B. Sin in a Believer’s life will result in:

1. Chastening (Correction or Instruction)

2. Grieving God’s Holy Spirit

3. Loss of opportunities

4. Loss of reward

5. Loss of the fruit of the Spirit

6. Loss of fellowship with God

7. Natural results of sin

C. The Need For Confession

1. For forgiveness and cleansing

2. For restoration of fellowship

3. For restoration of fruitfulness (I Cor 15:34)

D. Liberty To Serve

1. Liberty In Reference To Salvation

2. Liberty In Reference To Service

E. The Need To Set Proper Priorities


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