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Why the Need for this Web Site?

Over the years of ministry in which we have been involved, almost everyone with whom we shared the good news of salvation had previously believed that we are saved by some combination of our faith in Jesus, plus something else that we must do or promise to do. This conflicts with the claim of John 3:16 and many other clear verses.

In recent years we have lovingly approached many “Bible-believing” pastors and Christian leaders who teach a confusing and erroneous “faith-plus-works” salvation message. Numerous times we have shown them from God’s word that we are eternally saved only by faith in Jesus. Very few have responded in a loving and Christ-like manner. Some  have just assertively ignored us (along with the truth of God’s word), quite a few  of them have boldly refused to even open the Bible with me, and a disconcerting number have even acted in a very treacherous manner toward us.

We have given out thousands of pages of printed copies of some of the Bible studies available through this site. We now wish to make these resources easily available to anyone who is seeking to grow and serve the Lord in this manner.

About Us

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